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   Aim higher than acronyms. Reject one-size-fits-all, and seek out your equal. Pursue a lover with a mind as sharp as her stilettos and a rebellious streak that’s reserved for those unafraid of it 


A private Melbourne VIP escort. I'm here to make your fantasies come true.  

As an Independent, EXCLUSIVE, glamorous, sophisticated and intensely stimulating private escort - I offer sexual experiences to men  who know what they enjoy, and aren't afraid to seek It out. Based in Melbourne, but travel internationally by special request. 

I connect with people with a keen mind, a sharp wit, and a healthy scepticism towards everything society deems "respectable". 

If your looking to indulge In your more dominant side, I will take great pleasure In playing that part. However as someone with a veracious appetite, I understand variety Is the spice of life. For those of a more vanilla persuasion, I enjoy losing myself In a  more personal girlfriend experience encounters. (albeit with a slightly filthy wink).

My client list is carefully curated - I'm selective about who I spend my time with and favour genuine connections over cursory encounters. My lovers expect the refined - appreciate the unique - and pursue the truly unforgettable.  If the same is true of you, we're likely to get along famously. You will not find me on every directory -  Nor do ishow my full face in photos as it's for your privacy as well as my own. I prefer to be exclusive.

 I can't wait to meet you and make this moment a unique burst of mutual pleasure with everything a man could desire. I am sure these pure moments of Intimacy will remain one of your best memories. Together we will provide the Illusion, the fantasy of perfection, we will run away directly to an exciting adventure. 

I also frequent popular Melbourne events such as the Melbourne cup, one of my personal favourites along with the exciting Grand Prix situated in Albert Park -  with after dinner drinks at  the Melbourne Crown Casino. Dinner dates are a popular choice. For those seeking arrangements -  that is also available. A GF/BF arrangement. Dating arrangements also available. I look good on the arm of a distinguished gentleman to a business event or a Christmas party or function. 

I understand It can be nerve wracking making the first contact with your date,  I'm experienced In making it easy for you, so rest assured your In very good hands.  


For My rates, please text me and leave a message so that I can return your call to advise you of an estimated cost. NO private numbers will be answered. I am never available to answer my phone so leave your message. 

 Eva Mcstar

 +61 478844724. 



Name: Eva Main City: Melbourne, Victoria Sex: Female Sex Preference: Straight Body Type: Curvy Height: 5' 7" Race/Ethnic: Australian Age: 39 Availability: Outcalls 1st Language: English Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Brunette Hair Type: Straight Hair Length: Mid-Back Body Piercings: None Breast Implants: No Grooming: Bald Tattoos?: None Smokes?: No Porn Star?: No Likes: Generous clients, Good hygiene, Executive/senior manager clients, Mature, respectful gentlemen, Sense of humor, Sophistication, Successful businessmen, Good wines, Champagne, Fine dining, Gentlemen over 30 years old, Well-groomed, Punctual Dislikes: Bad breath, Poor hygeine, Aggressiveness, Rude behavior, Clients who are late, Personal questions, Bad attitude, Body odor, Unshowered guests, Strong cologne, Bad manners, Arrogance Accept Credit Cards: Cash only Available to: Men Fly me to you anywhere - anytime. ✈️: Adelaide escort- Sydney escort- Perth escort- Brisbane escort- Hobart escort - Canberra escort. International Private Escort: Bangkok - Singapore. I'm in Bangkok twice a year, March and July, pre bookings a must. Services: Dinner dates - GFE - Overnight delights - Role Play: PEGGING - DRAG DRESS UPS ( Want me to make you up? The fashion parade for you! ) Domination: Pegging - Corporal punishment -


For my rates, please let me know what service you require and how long and i can give you a quote.  

I offer services from the hour, 1.5 hours, two hours, dinner dates, you name it and we can work it out. Please call me and leave your number and a suitable time to call you back as i am never available to answer my phone. I never take last minute bookings and require 24 hours notice.

I assure you i will return your call as soon as i can.


Eva. x



How to dominate a woman in bed and bring out the animal in you.!

At the end of the day, many women look for a man who knows what to do in bed. You are him, so you need to get a handle on how to dominate a woman in bed.

By learning how to be dominant in bed, you also carry t...

Women like men who know what they’re doing. And the same goes for men. Sure, if a woman is inexperienced, it’s cute. They also want a woman that knows how to give a blowjob. So, this need for experience goes both ways.

Now some women don’t necessarily like a dominant man in bed, but many women do. They want to feel like a woman and have sex with a man that defends them. Yeah, we’re going back to the Tarzan days here. But it’s true, it’s something we all biologically have as animals.

How to dominate a woman in bed

Now, you may worry, thinking you have to go all out. Listen, you don’t have to become some dominating tyrant in order for her to be sexually aroused in bed. She’s not looking for a man to turn into the Hulk the minute he enters the bedroom. But she does want a man that carries himself in and out of the bedroom.

You just have to look within to learn how.

#1 Look within first. Before you try to dominate a woman, think about yourself. Why weren’t you able to do this before? Is this tied to any insecurities you have? If so, you need to look at them and reflect on your self-esteem. There may be a reason why you’re not comfortable with being dominant in front of a woman. By figuring this out, you pinpoint the root problem. 

#2 Talk to your partner. You must have consent. Talk to her about how far she is comfortable going when it comes to sexual activities. Dominant sex could be rough sex, but she may not be comfortable with it. If she only wants gentle domination, respect her wishes and don’t overstep your boundaries. 

#3 Experiment with your partner. If this is your first time doing this and your partner is also new to this, test out what you both like and dislike. This is the only way to find out where your boundaries lie. To start dominant sex, it’s not difficult. Ask her if it’s okay to blindfold her or to lightly tie her to the bedpost. From there, you increase the domination, only if she agrees.

#4 Have a safe word. Sometimes, we get really excited when we have sex and accidentally ignore the other person when they’re uncomfortable. Listen, you need to create a safe word, it’s as simple as that. And you need to respect it.

A safe word can be anything. Preferably a word you won’t use during sex. It can be used at any time and both partners must stop sexual activity.

#5 You don’t have to be dominant all the time. There’s this assumption that you have to be dominant all the time when having sex. Listen, you don’t have to be anything you don’t feel like being. If you feel dominant and your partner agrees, then be dominant. If you want your partner to be dominant and she agrees, then be submissive. Switching it up keeps the sexual chemistry interesting and hot. 

#6 Gentle dominance. If you start out, start out light. Gentle dominance helps you and your partner adjust yourselves. This includes pushing your partner up against a wall, dirty talk, biting, hair pulling, and manhandling such as throwing your partner on the bed, holding their wrists, etc. It’s gentle, yet, it’s not overdoing it.

#7 Moderate dominance. This is when things become a little heated. Once you pass gentle dominance, you are now more comfortable with each other and the idea of dominant sex. Moderate dominance includes spanking, biting, orgasm denial, handcuffing, and hot wax or hot lube. As you can tell, it’s definitely up one notch from gentle dominance and a little rougher. #8 Aggressive dominance. Now, this is some Mr. Grey type shit. If you don’t know that reference, shame on you. This is the full form of dominant sex. It includes BDSM, choking, gagging, and degradation. Now, it’s a huge step from spanking or biting, so make sure your partner is completely on board with the idea. And make sure you both know the safe word. 

#9 It’s gonna take some time. If you’re not used to dominating women then it’s gonna take a couple times to get used to it. Firstly, if insecure, you’ll be overly focused on your actions, and it may feel forced. However, you get over the awkwardness after a couple times, but if you don’t feel right about it then stop.

#10 Include roleplaying. Now, this doesn’t have to be included every time you have dominant sex, but it’s a fun add-on and can be used at any point in the game whether it’s gentle or aggressive dominance. Has your partner always wanted to be a nurse? Well, now here’s there shot at it. Become as creative as you want and choose any character to play.

#11 You can do some of these in public. Of course, you’re not going to show aggressive dominance in public, that would scar many children and elderly. But show some gentle forms of dominance such as dirty talking into their ear, biting their lip when you kiss them. It’s a good way to create the sexual tension before you make it to the bedroom. That way, it’s even more intense. 

#12 Remember to get consent. If your partner isn’t expecting what you plan to do, for example, gag her, it’s going to be a traumatizing experience, especially if she’s never done it before. There’s nothing wrong with dominant sex, but there is something wrong when you don’t ask your partner for permission. Respect your partner and their feelings. So, remember to talk and get consent.

Now that you know how to dominate a woman in bed, it’s time you practiced. Remember, it’s about letting go and becoming in tune with yourself and sexuality.




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What is MILF?

‘MILF’ is code for Mother I’d Like To Fuck. But there’s really much, much more to it. Here’s a unique take on what is a MILF exactly.

If you’re a dude you’ve probably used this term more times than you...

What is a MILF?

It’s just one of those words we like to say. It rolls off the tongue like sweet honey… Sometimes we say it for humor. Other times the word MILF is just… definitive. The truth. There’s even a male equivalent—‘DILF’, which is code for Dad I’d Like To Fuck.

Primarily, being a MILF/DILF means you’re older but still look remarkably attractive. MILF is sort of similar to the term cougar, which is a woman who is independent, older, and likes her meat younger.

But MILF/DILF are different in that those terms suggest you have parenting responsibilities. Which could also suggest you’re in a committed relationship… 

Which is why the term MILF feels kind of taboo

Let’s take it back…

#1 ‘You low-down Mother Fuckers.’

– US soldier to his draft board, 1911

#2 ‘You see this cat, Shaft is a bad mother

(Shut your mouth)

But I’m talking about Shaft

(Then we can dig it)’

– Isaac Hayes in his song ‘Shaft’, 1971

Another controversial term: ‘Mother fucker’ was used as early as the late 19thcentury. But throughout the years, mother fucker was softened into minced oaths such as:

– Motherfugger

– Mother for you


The cool thing about this word is that you can’t say it, and even when you do you’re expected to make it cryptic. Unless you really don’t give a fuck and want to make your feelings clear… *‘Mother fucker, I dare ya! NO, I double dare ya!’*.

The funny thing is most people don’t think about ‘mother fucker’ in terms of actually having sex with a mother. Counter-intuitively, they associate it with awesomeness OR sometimes with offensiveness. 

‘That movie was mother fucking amazing.’


‘Yeah, well, fuck you, you dumb mother fucker.’

THEN the internet hit and these things happened…

– Lots and lots of porn

– Lots of sexualized material on TV/movies/media

– Even more sex on social media, which popularized acronyms for sex like: mofo, ons, dtf, bdsm, bbw…

– Lots of new dating sites/apps that made dating/sex a whole different ballgame

– Everything became a candidate for ‘LOL cool’, e.g. Stiffler’s mum in American Pie

This is why I think the word MILF is sort of an evolution of the phrase mother fucker. However, it’s also a very unique and ultra-modern word. Let’s take a deeper dive into its meaning…

#1 Milf is short-code. People need short codes to speedily distinguish between categories of things in the world. MILF generally makes it clear that the mentioned person is an older woman.

If I’m with a buddy on a crowded street and want to let them know about an older lady with a gorgeous look, I’ll say, ‘MILF dead ahead, 8 out of 10.’ He knows to skip over the faces under 30 and search for the hot 35+ year old. It’s simply a matter of critical timing. 

#2 A MILF is the wet dream. Teenagers going through puberty may be unable to attract or connect with girls their own age. For example, an adolescent who spends too much time watching porn and doesn’t have good social skills…

Due to his inexperience, he might naturally be drawn to a more maternal, nurturing figure—thinking she will mother him up unconditionally and acceptingly.

#3 A MILF is emotionally developed. Maybe you’re bored of club life and people with stringy attention spans. You want more depth. You can find depth in young people, but many higher order character traits take a lifetime to build. And it’s a never-ending journey. So, some people will consider a person to be a MILF if they meet the emotional connection criteria.

#4 A MILF is very cute or hot. There’s a somewhat universal attractiveness level spectrum, whether or not we like to admit it. In other words, people can generally agree on whether someone looks attractive or not and roughly what level ofattractive they look, even if they’re not specifically ‘their type.’

This might sound controversial, but if you’re honest with yourself you may agree *ever heard the phrase ‘she’s out of his league’?*.

Things like facial details symmetry and body shape all factor in. And with that said, some people age better than others and stay looking attractive for longer. Which means that they stay looking remarkably attractive for longer. Note that the word GILF *for grandmother* isn’t popular, because there’s less chances a woman will stay looking hot at that stage of her life *although there are many exceptions*

#5 The MILF is a new kind of woman. Women had massive inequality pre-world wars. Post-world wars, they slowly gained more rights. Today they’re more on an equal footing with men societally than they have been in any other time. In some arenas, such as within education, they outperform guys. It’s no longer a given that a woman’s role in society is to get married and to have children by a particular age.

Customs are unclear—more open-ended. Women have more independence and make their own sexual decisions with less social repercussions. Words like MILF pop into existence in times like this. People aren’t so sure that an older lady is probably someone else’s wife or that she won’t be DTF. 

#6 The MILF is straight to the point. Being messed around by a 22-year-old Colombian chick who doesn’t know whether she’s coming or going? One of the appeals of MILFs is that they don’t play games with you.

It’s a popular belief that if a MILF doesn’t feel you she won’t take your info or reply to your messages. But if she is into you she really means to follow through and may even initiate things, because she’s confident enough in her own skin and knows what she wants *she probably also works out if you’re the real deal faster*. 

#7 A MILF might not be a mother. I’ve never been walking with a friend and we see a hot older lady and my friend says: ‘That is either a hot MILF or a hot cougar.’ He probably doesn’t care if she’s mothered offspring. What’s important is that she looks like she could mother offspring.

We’re usually attracted to people that look capable of passing on genes to create healthy offspring. When we notice curvaceous hips or a buxom chest, this is us looking out for signs of genetic health. The hips don’t lie.

#8 The 20-year-old MILF? Of course, a woman in her 20s could be a MILF. But you often hear ‘baby mother’ used more in that situation. A MILF is a bit more like a fine wine… something that takes a given amount of time to develop properly.

Though I saw a girl who was 22 and had a toddler. It was the first time I’d dated a mother, and I definitely used MILF more than a few times.

#9 The 30-35 MILF. A popular MILF imagery is the ‘dirty 30s’ MILF who is sexually ravenous or a recently divorced single mum. She’s rediscovering who she is and is going yolo. She may be dating several guys at the same time and looking for completely no strings attached sex. 

#10 The conqueror’s trophy MILF. To get with one, you may need to be direct. You should also know what you want. She’s seen too much in her time to be won over by timidity. To add to this, she’s not a commonly ‘available’ demography. Think about it this way: the market tends to value things based on supply and demand. So, if something is in high demand, but seems to be in relatively short supply, it’s going to increase in value.

There are simply fewer older and hot women still dating compared to younger women. So, this literally makes MILFs a hot product. And hunters of MILFs get a sense of self-validation from knowing they won something difficult to get. It’s competition.

Say you’re 20, and a MILF you come across is 45. Chances are it’s less socially acceptable for her to get with you. There’s more in your way in terms of natural social obstacles. So, if you proceed to get her despite this, it says something about your tenacity and abilities.

#11 A MILF can have dirty affairs. I think being a parent tends to make you mature sooner, both emotionally and spiritually, whatever your age. This is because of the higher amount responsibility you bear. When a MILF does anything she does it properly. That means a sweeping, mature, lusty affair. By comparison, a ‘baby mother’ is more likely to bring drama and angry ex-lovers who carry guns. This is simply because younger people generally have less life experience than older folk.

By the time you’re in your 30s you’ll have more perspective on some of life’s absurdities. So, a MILF is more likely to have emotional control and able to keep a dirty secret. 

#12 A MILF understands sex and sexuality. Think of a hot 20-year-old girl… It’s not hard to get the feeling that her body as it is just popped into existence one day and she woke up with an uber-slim waste line and a perky bubble butt. She didn’t go to the gym for it. She might even have a diet of cigarettes and Coca-Cola.

The same thing is likely to be the case with that girl’s sense of her own sexuality. She’s not matured fully yet. She doesn’t yet know what she likes and enjoys, or what she really appreciates in a partner.

A MILF’s sexuality is practiced. It’s deep, subtle, knowing. She truly appreciates sexuality to a level that shocks you. A MILF may dress modestly and show her sexuality in subtle ways. Her sexuality may seem to emanate from her sleekly and stylishly. However, when you make a moment of intense eye contact with a MILF, there’s a knowingness there.

Don’t get me wrong, people can be impulsive and naïve whatever their age, but wisdom and skills generally tend to form with time.


Hunters like to explore. They know that variety is the spice of life. Understanding what is a MILF and the slightly taboo off-limits temptation can only be addressed in a socially acceptable way through code.


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                   Eva Mcstar is a high class Independent escort that is available to meet you in Melbourne - Victoria, by personal request only.

Eva  is an elite luxury private escort that is based in Melbourne, Victoria. Available to fly me to you option anywhere in Australia. I prefer this option other than touring of which I have never toured in Australia. 

Upmarket elite high class Australian Melbourne based escort. Your special events escort in Melbourne.

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Are your pictures really you?

Yes, they are. I work out on a regular basis, and live a healthy lifestyle. All of my pictures are of me, and all of them are recent.


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